How do I personalize my order?
1. Add the item to your cart.
2. Tell us the name/date you wish to engrave or any other special instructions in the "Message to Seller" box at checkout.

I want to request a color not listed, how do I proceed?
We offer a wide variety of colors for our flowers, but unfortunately are unable to list them all. If you are looking for a color but do not see what you would like, simply request the change in the "Message to Seller" section during the checkout process so that we can process your request.

How is engraving formatted?
Our custom engravings are formatted to be centered horizontally, allowing for the font size to adjust and optimize the space. The longer the text engraved, the shorter the font size will be allowing the characters to adjust accordingly in order to fit the space.

Can you engrave more characters or more lines than listed?
If you wish for additional characters than we list, we may be able to fulfill your request if you contact us in advance. This would require the engraving to be completed using a laser which will delay the shipping time and result in an increased fee upon purchase.

Can you engrave in different fonts?
Currently, our diamond tip engraving machine only allows for block letter font, which we feel provides a clear and presentable finish to any message.

How do I clean my rose sculpture?
In order to best clean your rose sculpture, you should wipe down the metal surface with a damp cloth. If you have a wooden frame, please take care not to wet the wood while cleaning your rose, as this may cause discoloration or cracking in the wood. For the wood, simply dust with a microfiber cloth. Once the rose has been wiped down, it is important to remove any humidity or condensation from the metal. To do this, simply use a dry cloth to wipe the sculpture down. You could also use a hair dryer.